More about website design.

Website design incorporates not only what you can see but also many underlying features that are invisible. These elements are responsible for the performance and profile of every website. A lot of websites fare poorly because little care or attention has been been given to a few basic rules of good website design.

Firstly, websites must be attractive. Many professionally designed sites score very well in appearance and some highly talented people can produce fascinatingly good results. Often, so fascinating that you forget why you are visiting.

Secondly, websites must load quickly. This means that in under 5 seconds a good website should be fully functional. Far fewer professionally built sites score well on this point with many websites groaning and lurching to usability in over a minute, most people will have simply moved on.

Thirdly, the invisible bits. Over 80% of professionally designed websites show a disturbing lack of skill in the area of design that is critical for website “findability”. At this, the most basic of requirements, many professional website designers are not so talented.

If you are considering the possibility of having a website built, ask difficult questions about this third point especially. The most beautiful website in the world is worth little if no-one comes . . .

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